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Down Gilead Lane Season 6 (MP3)


When a new star quarterback comes to town, the Richters feel threatened. What they don't see coming is an unlikely friendship that turns the threat into answered prayer. 

Includes these 12 episodes:

  • Deal With It (Don't use your position for personal gain)
  • Hot-Head, Cold-Heart (Coming to God empty-handed)
  • The Best Man Wins (Seeing our own sin)
  • Just Desserts (Being a servant even when nobody sees)
  • Hometown Heroes, part 1 (Being desperate for God)
  • Hometown Heroes, part 2 (Being desperate for God)
  • Split Decision (Knowing when to withhold punishment)
  • No Good Thing (Understanding our motives)
  • Fair Warning (Knowing when to turn someone in)
  • The Price of Peace (Finding peace through Jesus)
  • Pick Your Battles (Answering violence with love and forgiveness)
  • Blessed Are They (Following God in spite of adversity)
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