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Beyond Gilead Season 7 (MP3)


The winds of change are sweeping through Coleraine and the Morrison family is right in the center of it all! Who will leave and who will make a complete turn-around? How will the Morrison kids react to all the changes? This great radio drama will present you with truths from God's Word written for today's families. Hear about prayer, trust, and grace from people using godly wisdom for direction.

Includes these 12 episodes:

  • Whatever You Do (Doing your best for God)
  • Go Ye Into All the World, part 1 (Giving fears and worries to God)
  • Go Ye Into All the World, part 2 (God is in control)
  • Why, God? (Why do the wicked prosper)
  • Closer Than a Sister (Clearing up misunderstandings right away)
  • Unfinished Business, part 1 (When God gets our attention)
  • Unfinished Business, part 2 (The power of forgiveness)
  • The Winds of Change (With change comes challenges)
  • The Journey, part 1 (A wonderful transformation)
  • The Journey, part 2 (Purity begins in the heart)
  • Where He leads(Discerning God's will)
  • I Will Follow (Laying it all in God's Hands)
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