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Storytime Vol 1 on CD

1. The Right Bait (resist the "bait" Satan uses to tempt you to sin.) 2. The Sooner the Better (pull "weeds" of disobedience and other bad habits.) 3. Trash or Treasure (every person is valuable in God's sight.) 4. Beware of the Dog (don't hurt others with teasing, and don't be oversensitive when you are teased.) 5. The Smell of Sin (for close friends, chose kids who won't lead you astray.) 6. Consider the Cost (Jesus died to purchase salvation. (Patriotic theme)) 7. Missing the Mark (without Jesus, everyone "falls short of the mark.)
$10.00 $5.00

Storytime Vol 2 on CD

1. Pigs Will Be Pigs (the "new nature" God gives is a cure for your sinful nature.) 2. David's Prayers (learn the importance of prayer.) 3. Thanks for Paper Plates (be thankful for big and small things.) 4. From Bad to Worse (face your problems; don't run from them.) 5. Let It Heal (forgive those who hurt your feelings.) 6. Talking Tools (Christians have a variety of talents and each is needed.) 7. Praise Works Wonders (genuine compliments bring in favorable results.) 8. Don't Fence Me In (God's rules and parental rules are for your good.)
$10.00 $5.00

Keys for Kids Collection 1

Dramatically read by uncle Charlie, these 4 1/2 minute episodes are drawn directly from our Keys for Kids devotion books. They include a wide variety of subjects, and they are stories with lessons to lead kids to Christ and help them grow spiritually. 40 stories on Two Audio CD's
$10.00 $5.00

Keys for Kids Collection 2

Here are two more audio CD's with an additional 40 Keys for Kids stories. They portray "everyday" situations and subjects, and the very practical application in each episode will be effective in reaching the hearts of today's kids. 40 stories on Two Audio CD's
$10.00 $5.00