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Down Gilead Lane Season 11 (CD)


With the growing presence of the Peace of Heaven group in Coleraine, lots of new people are moving to town. Some citizens are excited about the promised growth, but others are skeptical. It seems everybody is taking sides! What will become of the idyllic little town of Coleraine- especially Gilead Lane? Will the Morrisons be stretched to their limits? And are the Richters in over their heads? This CD set contains the answers to these questions and more!It's Season Eleven of the hit family radio drama, Down Gilead Lane.

Episode Titles:

  • Let Them Eat Cake
  • Short Fuze or Short a Few "Z"s
  • Lights, Camera, Inaction
  • What Should Be Will Be
  • Fairly Weathered Friends
  • Shadow Agent X
  • Foul Territory
  • Something Old, Something New
  • Can You Handle the Truth
  • We Had No Idea
  • A Tale of Two Families
  • Tell It to the Judge