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Beyond Gilead Season 12 (MP3)

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Since we first heard from the Morrison family on a quiet road in a small town, we've come a long way. Kids have grown up, graduated, and moved away from home. New members have joined the family. This season , find out who's behind Peace of Heaven, how Monica Richter can get herself out of the mess she's in, and what significant life choices are made. Find out what happens when the pieces of the puzzle ultimately fall into place in Coleraine.


  1. A Hope by Any Other Name
  2. Always Stay in Control
  3. One Way
  4. Virtual Unreality
  5. Respect the French Toast
  6. Making the Most
  7. Famous Last Words
  8. Crossroads
  9. A Not So Quick Fix
  10. The Journey Home
  11. Saving Messages
  12. Good Night and God Bless
  13. And So It Goes
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