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Down Gilead Lane Season 3 (MP3)


In this set, Maya's new faith is challenged as her family tries so hard to keep her away from the Morrisons and Grace. Includes 12 all-new episodes including:

  • Power Play (Being open to God's calling)
  • Ruffled Feathers (Controlling anger)
  • Love Rules (Obeying authority)
  • Second Chances (Putting mercy into action)
  • Teed Off (Showing God's love)
  • Stars and Gripes (Being a responsible citizen)
  • Deadlines and Date Books (Taking charge of your action)
  • Beauty and the Beast Within (Temptation of the flesh)
  • The Key to Happiness (Being grateful)
  • Cosmic Confusion (Dealing with doubt)
  • A Story to Tell (Giving your testimony)
  • A Case against Grace (Jealousy)

* Note to parents: The episode "Beauty and the Beast Within" deals with the issue of pornography. Please preview before giving it to your children.

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