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Down Gilead Lane Season 4 (MP3)


Season Four solves the mystery of Grace's accident! In this season, the kids decide to take matters into their own hands, and "Operation Lemonade" is put into action. Pretty much everybody in Coleraine knows something about that night, but why don't they want to talk about it? The kids are going to find out! And, the kids have even more to think about in–

  • Eruptions (Being a better friend)
  • Raining Cats & Clues (Wisdom in relationships)
  • Aim Higher (Seeking approval from God alone)
  • Fish-N-Slips (Being humble enough to forgive)
  • Insomni-maniacs (Taking anxieties to God)
  • Can Do (Facing pain, not hiding from it)
  • Sneeze the Day (Balancing past and future)
  • Free for All, part 1 (Compassion)
  • Free for All, part 2 (Freedom from sin)
  • Sunrise, Upset (Obeying letter and spirit of the Law)
  • The Beginning of the End (Brooke gets a special opportunity to "see" for Grace)
  • The End of the Beginning (Secrets of Grace)

This set includes scenes never-before-heard on the radio or the web, including four minutes of bonus footage from the season finale.

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