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Keys for Kids Collection 1

Dramatically read by uncle Charlie, these 4 1/2 minute episodes are drawn directly from our Keys for Kids devotion books. They include a wide variety of subjects, and they are stories with lessons to lead kids to Christ and help them grow spiritually. 40 stories on Two Audio CDs

KFK CD#1 1. Not Good Enough Do your best for God 2. The Old Mansion Don't judge by appearance 3. Flower Pot Shoes Christians belong to God 4. Accountability You are accountable to God 5. Open Door, Big Mess Always tell the truth 6. Price Tags and Gifts Serve God willingly 7. Even in the Dark God is everywhere 8. Food for Thought Feed your mind good thoughts 9. Old and New Habits can be changed 10. Something's Wrong Only Jesus Saves 11. The Binoculars God sees everything 12. Whatever the Weather Be content 13. Dirty Clothes. . .Again? Confess sin 14. No Rejects Accept everyone 15. To Grandma, with Love Serve God with love 16. A Low Score God's love is forever 17. Dare to be Like Daisy Keep on witnessing 18. The Copycat Copy Jesus 19. The Forgotten Smudge Do what God says 20. Listen and Learn God talks to you

KFK CD#2 1. What I Deserve God offers undeserved grace 2. Good-for-nothing Joe Do good—for nothing 3. All-the-time Friend Be a friend to God 4. Wasted Energy Be patient 5. Tips from Tippy Trust God's care 6. The Blank Tape Let Jesus erase your sin 7. Stop That Noise Love others sincerely 8. Battles and Victories Resist temptation 9. A Special Tool God gives help 10. Popcorn and Christians Let Jesus be seen in you 11. Flying High God gives guidance 12. To Laugh or Not Laughing can hurt others 13. The Whistle Obey God's voice 14. Hot Air Balloon Be thankful, not proud 15. Building Blocks Build up others 16. Bought Back Jesus redeems you 17. Monster Face Beware of Satan 18. The Right Start Obey God now 19. The Hook Don't read horoscopes 20. TLC Needed Love others

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