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Keys for Kids Collection 2

Here are two more audio CD's with an additional 40 Keys for Kids stories. They portray "everyday" situations and subjects, and the very practical application in each episode will be effective in reaching the hearts of today's kids. 40 stories on two Audio CDs

KFK CD#1 1. No Room Be registered in heaven 2. The First Tomatoes Give to God 3. Sharp Words Think, then speak 4. The Broken Watches Respect the elderly 5. Emma's Chocolates Jesus saves, not church 6. Rainy Day Riddle God knows everything 7. Root of Bitterness Don't be bitter 8. Reflections Reflect Jesus 9. A Good Example Be a good example 10. A Safe Place God gives safety 11. Folding Up the Tent Heaven Christian's "home" 12. The Right Path Memorize Bible verses 13. A Handful of Rice God can use you 14. Kids and Cookies God made everyone 15. The Soldier's Story Jesus died for you 16. False Lights Don't listen to Satan 17. Mixers and Music Use your talents for God 18. Too Many Michaels God knows you personally 19. Growing Grow spiritually 20. Clay Pots Don't brag

KFK CD#2 1. Birds and Flies Receive Jesus 2. A Little Dirt Use clean speech 3. Queens, Drones, & Workers Your task is important 4. Anyone for Garbage? Read and watch good things 5. The Crooked Arrow Thank God for correction 6. Changing Winds Jesus changes you 7. Dee and the Dandelions Speak kind words 8. God's Protective Gear Wear God's armor 9. A Lesson from Lice Confess all sin 10. Sheltered God cares for you 11. Guilty as Charged All have sinned 12. A Light Matter Let Jesus shine through you 13. The Box of Paints Use your talents 14. Who Made Whom? Tell about the living God 15. Side Effects Sin has side effects 16. The Pottery Yield yourself to God 17. Foolish Flies Say no to drugs 18. Punish or Protect Obey your parents 19. Thanks for Paper Plates Give thanks for everything 20. Dangerous Weapon? Control your tongue

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1. Pigs Will Be Pigs-- The "new nature" God gives is a cure for your sinful nature 2. David's Prayers-- Learn the importance of prayer 3. Thanks for Paper Plates-- Be thankful for big and small things 4. From Bad to Worse-- Face your problems, don't run from them 5. Let It Heal-- Forgive those who hurt your feelings 6. Talking Tools-- Christians have a variety of talents and each is needed 7. Praise Works Wonders-- Genuine compliments bring in favorable results 8. Don't Fence Me In-- God's rules and parental rules are for your good
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