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Storytime Vol 1- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. The Right Bait-- Resist the "bait" Satan uses to tempt you to sin 2. The Sooner the Better-- Pull "weeds" of disobedience and other bad habits 3. Trash or Treasure-- Every person is valuable in God's sight 4. Beware of the Dog-- Don't hurt others with teasing, and don't be oversensitive when you are teased 5. The Smell of Sin-- For close friends, choose kids who won't lead you astray 6. Consider the Cost-- Jesus died to purchase salvation (Patriotic theme) 7. Missing the Mark-- Without Jesus, everyone falls short of the mark
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Storytime Vol 2- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. Pigs Will Be Pigs-- The "new nature" God gives is a cure for your sinful nature 2. David's Prayers-- Learn the importance of prayer 3. Thanks for Paper Plates-- Be thankful for big and small things 4. From Bad to Worse-- Face your problems, don't run from them 5. Let It Heal-- Forgive those who hurt your feelings 6. Talking Tools-- Christians have a variety of talents and each is needed 7. Praise Works Wonders-- Genuine compliments bring in favorable results 8. Don't Fence Me In-- God's rules and parental rules are for your good
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Storytime Vol 3- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. His Life for Mine-- Jesus died willingly so you can have eternal life 2. Gretta's Glasses-- Don't try to hide the fact that you're a Christian 3. Sent, but Not Delivered-- Deliver the message of salvation that God has sent to the world 4. Weight Watchers-- A diet of praise and thanksgiving will get rid of spiritual weights 5. Second Choice-- Your second choice may be God's first choice for your life; He knows best 6. In the Beginning-- Believing evolution is similar to believing fairy tales 7. Watching You-- God keeps His eye on you because He cares
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Storytime Vol 4- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. Ticket Needed-- Jesus is the only way to heaven; He's the "ticket" 2. Three in One-- God can be one, and yet be three; the Trinity 3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall-- Outward appearance is not as important as what's in your heart 4. The Lesson of the Kite-- Parental rules help you "fly" to you highest potential for God 5. The Things I Remember-- Memorize Bible verses so you'll have them when you need them 6. T-Shirt Christian-- Your actions should agree with your words 7. Sacrificial Gift-- Don't judge the giving of other people 8. Old Fogy-- Make wise decisions by following God, not peer pressure
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Storytime Vol 5- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. Sink or Swim-- To be saved, trust Jesus, not your own efforts 2. The Echo-- Let your life echo what God commands in His Word 3. Lesson in Mud-- You can't help others by joining them in sin 4. Not by Might-- "Fighting the good fight" doesn't mean using your fists 5. A Gift for Mother-- Obedience is the best gift (Mother's Day theme) 6. Prize Cake-- Forgive others and be forgiven 7. Uncommon Sense-- Recognizing God as Creator is the only thing that makes sense 8. Case of a Guilty Conscience-- The Holy Spirit can use your conscience to convict of sin 9. A Special Love-- God's love for people is greater than you can imagine
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Storytime Vol 6- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. Rhambau's Treasure-- Salvation is a gift from God; there is no way to pay for it 2. Two Buckets-- What you feed your mind is more important than what you feed your stomach 3. Help Needed-- Keep witnessing to others even when they "growl" 4. Prayer Plus-- Pray about everything, but do your part as well 5. Together for Good-- All experiences in your life are blended together by God for your good 6. Grandpa's Sheep-- Follow Jesus in the way that sheep follow their shepherd 7. Get Smart-- Be smart enough to "fear God"; to respect and obey Him 8. The Whole Picture-- God sees your whole life, past, present, and future; Trust Him
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