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Our Heart for Kids

Let me start you out with a letter we recently received from a radio listener:

My Dearest Uncle Charlie,

My sisters and I grew up listening to you each Saturday. Our parents were divorced in the 80’s and it was a horrible time for all of us. Thank you, for your ministry and for using the voice God gave you! I would sit with my little sister and listen to you and pretend you were our long-lost Father. Just the sound of your voice helped us deal with many things and even when I hear your voice today it brings me way back to those days of my youth when God used you as a healing salve in our wounded hearts. I love you Uncle Charlie and I’m so glad you’re still in the ministry. You are one of my favorite, most influential picks! Praying God continue to bless you real good!

Children need to hear God’s Word through a trusted voice like Keys for Kids Ministries. Every Bible lesson, illustrated book, and internet page are constructed with your child in mind. Uncle Charlie was our host for more than 40 years and he has impacted so many lives for Christ. He continues living a life that is an example for Christ. Praise the Lord!

Keys for Kids Ministries is beginning its 73rd year in 2015. Will you pray along with us that we may continue this great work for many more years? Reaching out to be God’s light to children is our primary focus. Thank you for supporting Keys for Kids Ministries and all we do in Jesus’ name. God bless you!