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Red Rock Mysteries: Wild Rescue-Book 4, Episode 3 (Audio Download)

After the alpaca farm dog, Buck, attacks a jogger, animal control takes him away based on a witness' account. While investigating a home robbery, Bryce overhears a very revealing conversation that could lead to an arrest. The kids love challenges, but this is too much!

*Please note this is a download and not a DVD. Bible stories come alive with Ron Wheeler's unique black and white animated line art style. Narrated with sound effects and music, children and adults will be captivated by God's Word. Ideal as supporting media for Sunday school or sermon messages, it also serves as a great tool for homeschoolers or family devotion time. Each MP4 video download includes coloring pages and discussion questions. John 11: The Death of Lazarus 4:42 minutes When Lazarus died, many people were encouraged, but some were cynical of Jesus. They believed that He could have saved Lazarus if He really was the Savior. But Jesus surprised them. Because the people saw what Jesus did, they put their faith in Him. Find out what happens in this animated Bible story video produced in the Biblemations series. You can check out a sample below: Biblemations - Luke 5 Jesus Calls the First Disciples from keyforkidsministries on GodTube.

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With Buck the farm dog gone, the alpacas are no longer protected from predators--or people. When the alpacas vanish one night, Ashley and Bryce hunt for clues. They pray for safety for themselves, the alpacas, and Buck. Can they save these animals that they've grown to love so much?

Red Rock Mysteries: Wild Rescue-Book 4, Episode 2 (Audio Download)

When Sam's friend decides to take a vacation for the entire summer, Ashley and Bryce are offered a gig of a lifetime: to be ranch hands at an alpaca farm! The family seeks the lessons of Jesus when they're faced with need to love and forgive others (even the difficult people). Will Bryce ever figure out who is behind the robberies?

Red Rock Mysteries: Wild Rescue-Book 4, Episode 1 (Audio Download)

Ashley and Bryce think they are in for a summer of fun and adventure when tragedy strikes the town of Red Rock. A series of home robberies sweeps through their neighborhood, and Bryce investigates one of the homes. Ashley is bullied by a classmate, which leads her to pray spitefully.