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Storytime Vol 1- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. The Right Bait-- Resist the "bait" Satan uses to tempt you to sin 2. The Sooner the Better-- Pull "weeds" of disobedience and other bad habits 3. Trash or Treasure-- Every person is valuable in God's sight 4. Beware of the Dog-- Don't hurt others with teasing, and don't be oversensitive when you are teased 5. The Smell of Sin-- For close friends, choose kids who won't lead you astray 6. Consider the Cost-- Jesus died to purchase salvation (Patriotic theme) 7. Missing the Mark-- Without Jesus, everyone falls short of the mark
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Storytime Vol 2- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. Pigs Will Be Pigs-- The "new nature" God gives is a cure for your sinful nature 2. David's Prayers-- Learn the importance of prayer 3. Thanks for Paper Plates-- Be thankful for big and small things 4. From Bad to Worse-- Face your problems, don't run from them 5. Let It Heal-- Forgive those who hurt your feelings 6. Talking Tools-- Christians have a variety of talents and each is needed 7. Praise Works Wonders-- Genuine compliments bring in favorable results 8. Don't Fence Me In-- God's rules and parental rules are for your good
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Storytime Vol 3- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. His Life for Mine-- Jesus died willingly so you can have eternal life 2. Gretta's Glasses-- Don't try to hide the fact that you're a Christian 3. Sent, but Not Delivered-- Deliver the message of salvation that God has sent to the world 4. Weight Watchers-- A diet of praise and thanksgiving will get rid of spiritual weights 5. Second Choice-- Your second choice may be God's first choice for your life; He knows best 6. In the Beginning-- Believing evolution is similar to believing fairy tales 7. Watching You-- God keeps His eye on you because He cares
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Storytime Vol 4- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. Ticket Needed-- Jesus is the only way to heaven; He's the "ticket" 2. Three in One-- God can be one, and yet be three; the Trinity 3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall-- Outward appearance is not as important as what's in your heart 4. The Lesson of the Kite-- Parental rules help you "fly" to you highest potential for God 5. The Things I Remember-- Memorize Bible verses so you'll have them when you need them 6. T-Shirt Christian-- Your actions should agree with your words 7. Sacrificial Gift-- Don't judge the giving of other people 8. Old Fogy-- Make wise decisions by following God, not peer pressure
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Storytime Vol 5- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. Sink or Swim-- To be saved, trust Jesus, not your own efforts 2. The Echo-- Let your life echo what God commands in His Word 3. Lesson in Mud-- You can't help others by joining them in sin 4. Not by Might-- "Fighting the good fight" doesn't mean using your fists 5. A Gift for Mother-- Obedience is the best gift (Mother's Day theme) 6. Prize Cake-- Forgive others and be forgiven 7. Uncommon Sense-- Recognizing God as Creator is the only thing that makes sense 8. Case of a Guilty Conscience-- The Holy Spirit can use your conscience to convict of sin 9. A Special Love-- God's love for people is greater than you can imagine
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Storytime Vol 6- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. 1. Rhambau's Treasure-- Salvation is a gift from God; there is no way to pay for it 2. Two Buckets-- What you feed your mind is more important than what you feed your stomach 3. Help Needed-- Keep witnessing to others even when they "growl" 4. Prayer Plus-- Pray about everything, but do your part as well 5. Together for Good-- All experiences in your life are blended together by God for your good 6. Grandpa's Sheep-- Follow Jesus in the way that sheep follow their shepherd 7. Get Smart-- Be smart enough to "fear God"; to respect and obey Him 8. The Whole Picture-- God sees your whole life, past, present, and future; Trust Him
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Teen Life Application Study Bible

The only teen Bible based on today's #1-selling study Bible, the Teen Life Application Study Bible (formerly the Student's Life Application Study Bible) is packed with features designed to meet the challenges and needs of today's high school students. Combining traditional study Bible features like book introductions, textual notes, person profiles, and maps with application-oriented features focusing on choices, real-life issues, and real-life stories of actual teens, the Teen Life Application Study Bible stands apart in the crowded world of teen Bibles. This edition features the clear and understandable New Living Translation.
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Flannel-Graph Jesus

Has your mental image of Jesus been formed by storybooks, tv shows, or movies? If so, it's possible that your view of Jesus may be somewhat one dimensional. In "Flannel-Graph Jesus," teaching pastor Phil Ayres shares some unique and captivating insights into some of the lesser known and inspiring characteristics of the savior. For example, did you know Jesus was funny and kinda rebellious? Did you know he had brothers and at least one sister? It's true! When you realize that Jesus is more than he seems, you'll not only fall in love with the savior, you'll come to like him too.
$12.95 $9.99