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Tesoros Para Ninos Vol 1 - One Year Book (Spanish)

Each book contains a full year of devotions carefully selected from our popular Keys for Kids bi-monthly devotional, indexed by subject, memory verse, and scripture passage reference. Beginning with a suggested Scripture passage, each day's devotion has a brief story involving boys and girls in a contemporary family setting, a "How About You?" section that applies biblical truths to everyday life, a related Bible memory verse, and a "Key Thought" to summarize the lesson. A wonderful way introduce children to moral and spiritual concepts presented in the Bible.
$12.99 $10.99

Tesoros Para Ninos Vol 2 - One Year Book (Spanish)

New Spanish Keys for Kids devotional book! Great stories intertwined with God's Word to make your child think about God and their relationship to Him.
$12.99 $10.99

10 Conversations Kids Need to Have with Their Dads

There is so much you want them to know and understand. You just need to find the right openings. And most dads could also use a little help filling in the gaps. Bestselling author and veteran dad Jay Payleitner comes to the rescue with fresh ideas, trusted research, and experienced perspectives to help you communicate those all-important life values that will help your kids thrive-values around issues like... Excellence: how your kids can hit home runs in life Work: how to guide them to rewarding work that matches their gifts Integrity: how they can be true to something beyond themselves Love, sex, and marriage: how to tell them what you need to tell them Eternity: how they can own their faith and live as friends of the Creator Dad, you can walk confidently alongside your kids on the road of life, well prepared to prepare them well. Great gift or men's group selection.
$12.99 $8.00

52 Things Wives Need from Their Husbands

Many wives long to have their husbands choose them all over again. To be their knight in shining armor. Their leader. Their listener. Their lover. In 52 Things Wives Need from Their Husbands, Jay Payleitner, veteran radio producer and author of 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad, offers a bounty of welcome advice, such as "Stir her pots" "Buy sparkly gifts" "Be the handyman" "Stay married" "Kiss her in the kitchen" "Leave your mommy" "Put her second" A great gift or men's group resource, 52 Things Wives Need from Their Husbands provides a full year's worth of advice. And no chapter will make husbands feel guilty or criticize them for acting like men! For the husband who wants to live God's plan for his marriage, this book will put him on the right track.
$12.99 $8.00

Josh McDowell's Youth Devotions (Vol 2)

This book features 365 daily devotions for youth that will help them focus on why they believe and what they believe, and how to live out their life following Jesus. Join the CrossCulture revolution that is a blast of power and purpose for your real world existence. It's the ultimate transformation by Christ -- into a life of deep conviction and devotion to the one true God.
$14.99 $8.00