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Season 1

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Meet the Morrisons Have you ever gone through a major change in your life? When life throws you for a loop, it's easy to feel afraid. When we meet the Morrisons, they're in the middle of some pretty BIG changes. Today is the first day of school, and no one is feeling very sure of what to expect. Will Brooke survive her first day of high school without humiliating herself? Will Justin be able to keep food down during his first day of junior high, or will he have to spend another hour in the boy's bathroom? Did you know that God is with you through all of the changes you face in life? That's right, ALL of them! You never, ever have to go through anything alone, because God is always there. Now, let's see how the Morrison family is dealing with all of their big changes. . . $0.00
The Unloveables, part 1 Love your enemies: Meet Maya, the meanest girl in class! Can she be won over with kindness? $2.00
The Unloveables, part 2 Love your enemies: Maya's turning up the heat. Do the kids have it in them to keep being nice to her? $2.00
Overtime Keeping the family together: The cousin's huge vacation plans cost them more than money. Timmy gets duped into stealing. $2.00
Brains vs. Braun Do your best to serve God: The boys become painfully aware of their own unique talents and glaring weaknesses. $2.00
Food for Thought Live to please God, not man: Haley wants to wear make-up to fit in with the other girls. $2.00
Rumor Has It Tame the tongue: Brooke and Luke are embarassed when they're teased about being more than friends. $2.00
Sick of It Balancing work and rest: The boys take a sick day in two very different ways. $2.00
Of Mike and Fin Responsibility: Michael loses his little brother in the mall and trust from his parents. $2.00
The Lonely Ranger God is ever present: Justin retreats into his own universe when he sees himself as an outsider. $2.00
See No Evil, Fear No Evil Guarding your thoughts: Haley sees a horror movie at a friend's house and can't stop thinking about it. $2.00
It's All About Me Selfishness: The family tries to decide what to do with the attic room. A major storm hits Coleraine. $2.00
Like a Good Neighbor Loving your neighbor: A blackout on Gilead Lane. The Morrisons pitch in to help those in need. $2.00