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Season 10

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An Approaching Shadow Coming up, what happened before the bulldozers started rolling DOWN GILEAD LANE? How could it have come to the point of knocking down Mr. Key's old house? And whatever changes have been happening, how will they affect the REST of Coleraine? A look back at the behind-the-scenes goings on over the past year reveals some of the answers, and it reveals an approaching shadow on the next Down Gilead Lane. $2.00
Choice Morsels The Morrison kids are on the case! With bulldozers across the street, the “Attic Agents” are concerned about their neighborhood, and they're determined to solve the mystery. The clues seem to be pointing toward certain people in Coleraine, but will get all the facts straight, or in their enthusiasm, will they jump to conclusions and damage somebody's reputation? $2.00
Coleropolis It's a bird! It's a plane! No!wait!it's a Morrison?! On the next DOWN GILEAD LANE, Tim's not happy about being left in charge of Hope when both Mom and Dad are busy. But a trip to the abandoned radio station to hear some old “Meteor-Guy” radio adventures serve to prepare Tim to be the hero and the big brother Hope needs him to be. How will Tim handle the job? And will Hope be able to let go of control and trust when she needs to? $2.00
Going Through The Motions Its panic at the theater as Anna Townsend imagines her greatest fear coming true! Her fear for herself is that she'll forget her lines in the school play, but Anna's deeper fear is for her mom's salvation. Anna's beginning to suspect that her mom's faith is “all talk”. What should Anna do about her worries? $2.00
Hold Lightly Pt.1 It's the worst thing anybody could imagine happening DOWN GILEAD LANE! Grace, along with Tim and Hope, discovers that the government's new zoning rules that took out Mr. Key's old house extends to her property as well! It looks like it'll be just a matter of time before the bulldozers start rolling toward her house. $2.00
Hold Lightly Pt.2 The threat is continuing to grow closer and closer to Grace's house. And, as word spreads about the plans for the new Family Fun Center, popular opinion is also beginning to shift! What will become of Grace, the Morrisons and Gilead Lane? And how will they decide what God wants them to do? $2.00
Is God in Pittsburgh As we pick up where we left off with the Morrisons in Pittsburgh, Hope is faced with the prospect of meeting her biological uncle. But Hope just wants to go back home. Unfortunately, things arenʼt always that easy and Hope is about to make some very big decisions. How do you fix a cracked foundation? $2.00
Love is a Many Splintered Thing With the annual Spring Ball right around the corner, Tiffany's dreaming of being crowned Queen, Monica's scheming to make it happen, and Tom's trying to be redeeming and be the best husband and father he can be in this difficult situation. $2.00
Mud Pies and Blind Eyes After learning the Biblical principle of “ask and you will receive”, Hope get's a great idea. But Hope's plan to help restore Grace's sight takes her where she'd never imagined! It's an exciting adventure to a time long ago to build faith for today! $2.00
Ranch Blessings Mike's “geared up” with all his gadgets for his trip to help out at Uncle Tommy's ranch. But when he gets there, he finds the pace of life a little different than he expected. How will Mike do without all the noise? $2.00
Sandcastles in Storms The Morrisons make a very important trip to Pennsylvania. But this turns out to be far more than just a family vacation. There may be a meeting with some of Hope's relatives and the entire future of the Morrison family could be changing. It's all about the importance of foundations! $2.00
Ten-Four Good Buddy Brooke is making a very special trip to Mexico for a service project. But her roommate, Marcy, doesn't feel the same way that Brooke does about the opportunity! And when Marcy ends up in danger because of her bad choices, it's up to Brooke to figure out what a real friend should do. $2.00