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Season 2

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All For One Teamwork: Her big sister's super-rude behavior leads Maya to appreciate the Morrisons' kindness. $2.00
Bo-ring Helping others is fulfilling: Timmy's bored silly. Michael's not having a ball with his school sports project. $2.00
Connections One of the most touching episodes of the series: Maya's confusion over her family's hateful ways, send her to find forgiveness and Grace. $2.00
No Strings Attached True friendship: Becca Taylor struggles with wanting to be with friends who are making bad choices. $2.00
Pride Comes Before the Fall Festival Humility: Dad wants to be parade Grand Marshall. Brooke seeks to repair a lost friendship. $2.00
The Cheater Accepting consequences: Justin allows a classmate to copy a part of his paper. Judge Morrison is asked to take a bribe of beef. $2.00
The Giving Spree Giving brings joy: When everyone in the family develops a bad case of the "wants," one cheerful giver could be the cure. $2.00
The List Sharing faith in love: A youth outreach challenges Michael to see the importance of being an heart-felt witness. $2.00
Theories Standing up for faith: An earth science project has Justin confused about creationism vs. a good grade. $2.00
Truth and Lies Balancing honesty with kindness: Timmy's vow of truthfullness goes too far when he insults Grace's cooking. $2.00
When Push Comes to Love Following Jesus' model: Brooke gets frustrated when her mean new boss and pushy coworker try to get her fired. $2.00
Whine Not Having a positive attitude: It's a whine and displeased party at the Morrisons, and the kids are complaining about everything from bugs to part-time jobs. $2.00