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Season 3

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A Case Against Grace Tom Richter has really had it this time. He's finally had enough of Maya spending time with Grace. So he's gone ahead and hired a smooth talking lawyer. $2.00
A Story to Tell Find out how Michael deals with sharing his testimony, when it doesn't seem good enough. $2.00
Beauty and the Beast Within Temptation of the flesh: Haley's Teen Zone magazine about hot new swimsuits attracts some unexpected attention - from her brothers. $2.00
Cosmic Confusion Maya Richter came to know Christ not long ago. But now this young Christian's new faith is being challenged by some age-old questions about our universe. $2.00
Deadlines and Datebooks Taking charge of your own actions: Brooke's crazy schedule leaves no time for her younger siblings who need her. $2.00
Love Rules Obeying: NO WAY! The Dream Boys are coming to town and girls are DYING to go! But, when the parents say "NO," Haley's attitude becomes a real nightmare. $2.00
Power Play Being open to God's calling: Justin wrestles between an internship and volunteering at church. Timmy ponders a fishy future. $2.00
Ruffled Feathers Controlling anger: Maya's new faith is put to the test when she gets hopping mad over her sister's mischievous ways. $2.00
Second Chances Putting mercy into action: A new employee at the General Store pushes Luke Taylor's patience to the express lane. $2.00
Stars and Gripes Being a responsible citizen: Haley's frustration about the separation of church & state leads to a 4th of July blow out! $2.00
Teed Off Showing God's love even when it's hard: Tiffany picks on her younger sister, Maya about her new faith. Timmy takes a crash course in golf. $2.00
The Key to Happiness Being grateful: Timmy's convinced he'd be better off living as an only child with his fishing buddy Mr. Key. $2.00