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Season 4

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Aim Higher Tiffany's attitude goes to a new altitude when she takes Justin's seat for a jet plane ride.... $2.00
Can Do It's all about secrets...find out what secrets about Coleraine that the Morrison kids try to uncover! $2.00
Eruptions See what happens when a Haley's best friend tries to introduce a new friend into the relationship. $2.00
Fish-N-Slips Talk about crying over spilled milk – This episode catches Timmy at his most careless! Find out what happens! $2.00
Free for All, part 2 What will happen when Haley has to let her pets go back into the wild? Then discover how Ms. Kopek has to confront Monica Richter. $2.00
Insomnimaniacs Find out how Brooke deals with the nightmare of her freshman final exam week! $2.00
Raining Cats and Clues A lonely girl's broken heart leads her to rekindle old friendships! And make new mistakes. $2.00
Sneeze the Day It's the end of the school year in Coleraine, but Timmy doesn't want to leave yet....find out why! $2.00
Sunrise, Upset What happens when the parents head off to a secret meeting at the Sunset Grill and Brooke and Michael happen to stumble across their meeting? Why the secrets? Should they leave or should they try to listen in? Find out on this exciting episode. $2.00
The Beginning of the End The kids are getting closer to the mystery...find out what they discover. And see how Brooke gets a peek at Grace's past. $2.00
The End of the Beginning The Finale of Season #4 where the mystery is revealed! $2.00