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Season 6

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Blessed Are They As the school year draws to a close, Brooke and theTaylor twins are starting to think about college, since they're going into their senior year. $2.00
Deal With It As Michael is challenged by dad to “play by the rules” unlike Mr. Richter's “pull whatever strings you have to” approach to life, he begins to lose his trust in God. $2.00
Fair Warning A secret high school party could lead to a dangerous night for careless students. Should Anthony and his friends inform the police or just look away? $2.00
Hometown Heroes, part 1 It's high school football playoff season, and the star quarterback Anthony Donnor has an injury! As backup quarterback, Caleb Richter is really feeling the pressure to come through—especially from his parents! $2.00
Hometown Heroes, part 2 Cougars quarterback, Anthony Donnor is officially out of commission and there are mixed emotions about Caleb Richter filling in for the state championship game. $2.00
Hot-Head, Cold-Heart Justin thinks the course of his entire future is all up to him, but his summer school course isn't going quite as he had planned? All he seems to be learning is that there's a lot he doesn't know! $2.00
Just Desserts Timmy Morrison is running for third grade class leader, and he has a platform that'll make him a shoe-in—servant leadership! $2.00
No Good Thing Haley has found a verse in the Psalms that seems to be telling her that God has guaranteed to “bless” her with a whole new wardrobe if she gives away all her clothes! $2.00
Pick our Battles Brad Smith and his friends have been terrorizing Anthony ever since the big party, and Caleb and Michael are really struggling with the injustice. $2.00
Split Decision Ever since his leading the Cougars to the state championship, everybody in Coleraine loves Caleb Richter!except Caleb! But when Caleb tries to sabotage his new “nice guy” image, the Morrisons and Mr. Taylor don't exactly react the way he expected. $2.00
The Best Man Wins As football season gets underway, the buzz around Coleraine is all about the new star quarterback—just one more threat to the Richter family status. $2.00
The Price of Peace Michael seems to have finally met his match in sports! But as tempers flare on the court, Maya just wants some peace!! And who can blame her, with all the conflict in her family. $2.00