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Season 7

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...I Will Follow With Brooke's offer from World Mission News, the Morrisons are facing some tough decisions! And with the problems between Tom and Monica, Maya Richter is worried for her family's future...Will they get a divorce? Will Brooke go back to Peru? How do we answer life's biggest questions? $2.00
Closer Than a Sister Haley Morrison realizes how much she misses her sister Brooke who is still on her missions trip, but finds a new friend in Maya. But Michael is suddenly jealous of this new friendship? When misunderstandings and false assumptions erupt, what will they do? $2.00
Go Ye Into All the World, part 1 Brooke makes a life changing decision to help the orphans in Peru! But as she prepares for her missions trip, not everybody is thrilled about it—Haley seems jealous, Timmy's overcome with fear and worry, and Brooke herself seems a little nervous about the whole thing. $2.00
Go Ye Into All the World, part 2 Brooke Morrison takes to the air, and heads off for Peru! But when the journey hits some turbulence, fear and discouragement really begin to kick in, and Brooke's faith is truly put to the test! Will the power of prayer save the day? $2.00
The Journey, part 1 Haley, Brooke and their Mom are setting off on a great adventure! The lessons and activities are interesting, but all Haley can think about is a mysterious letter from a “secret admirer”. And when the car breaks down, everyone's faith is put to the test. $2.00
The Journey, part 2 The Morrison girls' weekend adventure continues when (after a few bumps in the road) they finally make it to Grove City. Haley is learning some important concepts on purity. When the whole special weekend culminates with an unusual ceremony for Haley, what will she have learned? What decisions will she make? And what's the deal with that mysterious letter? $2.00
The Winds of Change Brooke Morrison returns home from her missions trip to Peru, and struggles with how much her outlook has changed. But brand new Christian, Tom Richter is frustrated that things have NOT changed. $2.00
Unfinished Business, part 1 With business failing and problems at home; the pressure is building for Tom Richter. What will it take to get his attention? Perhaps, facing his greatest fear! With the walls crashing down around him and Maya's life in danger, a memory stirs in Tom's mind—of his one walk down Gilead Lane! $2.00
Unfinished Business, part 2 In the wake of a devastating tornado, Maya Richter's life hangs in the balance! Tom's not doing too well either. In his desperation, Tom begins to see the big picture. How will he respond? $2.00
Whatever You Do There's an orphanage in need after a bad fire in the jungles of Peru! Missionaries Robert and Tracy need a lot of money in just a few weeks or they'll lose their orphans to the government. Back in Coleraine, Michael Morrison has the wild idea of putting on a play to raise money, but a playwright Michael is NOT! $2.00
Where He Leads! Brooke Morrison goes “high tech” with a blog about her trip to Peru. And it brings along an opportunity that seems too good to pass up. Meanwhile, there's trouble in the Richter house. Friction is building between Tom and Monica over what God's telling him to do. It's all about following God's lead—NO MATTER WHAT. $2.00
Why, God? With a new computer guru on board, the Taylors' store is going hi tech. But once the work is finished, so is Ben's bank account. Could they have been victims of a con? Luke is asking some tough questions of his own, like “why do bad guys get away and bad things seem to happen to good people?” Will he be able to find the answer in forgiveness? $2.00