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Season 9

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A Story of Grace and Hope We all have things that we're asked to do. Everybody has to do chores from time to time. But when Hope decides that doesn't apply to her, and misses out on the reward, she works out a way to get her own reward. She ends up hearing the story of Jonah—a “whale” of a tale about another stubborn person who didn't want to obey what he was asked to do. Will Hope get the connection before she's swallowed up? $2.00
It's a Richterful Life The Richter house has become a house divided! Tom and Maya really WANT to love like Jesus would, but all the strife is beginning to take a toll. Tom is even questioning if it's all worth it. But a visit from Caleb raises some interesting questions about how Tom's been praying. $2.00
Knock Knock, Who's There? There's a lot of commotion on Gilead Lane with an open house going on down the street. The Morrison kids want to know what their new neighbors might be like, but first impressions don't go so well! Hopefully they'll realize that you shouldn't judge and show favoritism based on appearances before it's too late! $2.00
Letting Go Tim Morrison is not happy! As the rest of his family attempt to reach out to him, it becomes clear that Tim is still holding on to the past. The prospect of a new neighbor in Mr. Key's old house and a new sister in Brooke's old room seem like too much all at once. What will it take for Tim to let go of the past? $2.00
Memories and Milestones Things are changing! DOWN GILEAD LANE. Some changes are accompanied by celebration, or a time of grateful reflection, but then there are also the kinds of changes that bring growing pains! What will our friends on Gilead Lane do when those pains seem to be too much? It's a fun look back, and a wonderful lesson about embracing the future - on the season premiere of DOWN GILEAD LANE! $2.00
Misudderstandings False assumptions, accusations and misinformation are flying around the Morrison home and all over Coleraine! When Haley and Tim try to produce a podcast, and Hope finds some love letters, they all find out that just like wildfire, rumors can do a lot of damage. But will they find out before it's too late? It's all about the power of the tongue. $2.00
Much Ado about Something Worlds collide as the High School football team has to participate in the fall play! And Anna Townsend, an old elementary school friend comes back into Mike's life. But sparks fly as Anna and Maya struggle to let go of the past. How will Mike “keep the peace”? And will there be forgiveness and restoration for Anna and Maya? $2.00
School Graze Monica Richter wages a campaign of intimidation on John Morrison! But Monica isn't the only bully in town... It seems the bullying bug has bitten Hope too (and Coleraine Elementary's kindergarten class may never be the same)! It's all about power and responsibility. $2.00
Shades of Chartreuse Everything's a little out of order as Haley tells her parents the story of her weekend visiting Brooke at college! But what really happened between Haley and Molly—another visiting sibling? And why is Brooke struggling with her roommate? Sometimes, things don't turn out according to our plans. $2.00
The Heart of the Treasure For Tim it's TV superheroes, for Hope it's a poster of the “Cutie Girls”, and for Mike it's getting to the next level of his new video game! Sometimes, our “wants really feel like “needs”. How do we tell the difference? $2.00
The Locked Door Grace thought she was finished with the past... But the past isn't quite finished with Grace. When Hope begins to ask uncomfortable questions, Grace realizes that there's still some healing to be done. What will it take for the healing to be complete? $2.00
The Showdown When Tim suspects his rival in the Sunday School Bible memory contest is a cheater, it's time for a Western-style showdown! But these outlaws are using Bible verses instead of six-shooters! What lesson will our “quick draws” learn? It's a return to Old-Time Radio drama on the next DOWN GILEAD LANE! $2.00