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Songtime Vol 2- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. Mostly from the Singtime for Children album, many of these are well-known Sunday school choruses.

1. Boys and Girls for Jesus

2. Jesus Loves Even Me
3. Jewels
4. Oh, How I Love Jesus
5. Do You Wonder Why I Love Him
6. I’ll be a Sunbeam
7. Jesus Bids Us Shine
8. The Birds Upon the Treetops
9. The Gospel Train
10. Do Lord
11. Trust in the Lord
12. Jesus is Coming
13. Give Me Oil in My Lamp
14. I Just Keep Trusting My Lord
15. Amen, Brother, Amen
16. Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
17. The Windows of Heaven
18. Laborers Together with God
19. He’s Able
20. I’ll Do it All for Jesus
21. I Love Him Better Ev’ry Day
22. Like a Melody
23. I Am Determined
24. Jesus, the Wonderful Friend
25. Which Way Are You Traveling
26. Along the Road
27. Whosoever Will
28. Brighten Up Your Pathway
29. Let’s Talk About Jesus
30. It’s All Different Now
31. Oh, Say but I’m Glad
32. There’s Only One Way
33. Jesus Loves Me
34. Happy All the Time
35. All Through the Week
36. It’s a New Heart You Need
37. I’m Not Growing Old
38. If I Were Only Bigger
39. Isn’t He Wonderful

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