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Songtime Vol 3- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. You'll Sing a Happy Song as you join in singing with the CBH kids on this CD.

Songs included: 

1. I Sing a New Song

2. Greater Is He That Is in Me

3. The Walking Song

4. Isn't the Love of Jesus Wonderful

5. He Is the Way

6. Ev'rybody Ought to Know

7. Jesus. . .Will Love Me Forever

8. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord

9. Stop and Go

10. He's Able

11. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

12. Each Step of the Way

13. Hallelujah! What a Savior

14. God's Choir

15. Show. . .Love and Kindness

16. Get That Frown Off Your Face

17. God Loves You

18. I've Been Redeemed

19. I'm a Millionaire

20. I've Got a One-way Ticket

21. I'm Going to Heaven Some Day

22. Heaven Bound

23. A Song for Kids

24. Highway of Love

25. Sweeter Gets the Journey

26. He Is Life Unto This Soul of Mine

27. Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You

28. The Family of God

29. That's the Way to Find Happiness

30. Heaven Came Down

31. Mansion Over the Hilltop

32. Onward Christian Soldiers

33. The Lord Is Watching Over You

34. Happiness Is the Lord

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