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Songtime Vol 4 on CD

Easy Songs is a collection of great sing-along music from here, there, and everywhere.

1. I'm Happy Today
2. Thank You for Your Joy in Me
3. You Can't Get Blessed When Grumbling
4. I Love the Bible (Tune: Jesus Loves Me)
5. Jesus Gives Us Peace
6. Love Is a Flag Flown High
7. Christ Paid the Debt
8. Nothing to Pay
9. I Found It
10. Don't Be a Quitter (Tune: Showers of Blessing)
11. Jesus Loves Senior Citizens (Tune: Jesus Loves Me)
12. Only by the Way You Live
13. You Belong to God
14. Jesus Is Worthy of Praise
15. Jesus, I Love You
16. I Have These Hands/Tongue
17. O-B-E-Y
18. I'll Be Obedient
19. Just Try Praising (Tune: Jesus Loves Me)
20. Lesson in Mud
21. Hallelujah Anyhow
22. Victory in My Heart
23. I Won't Repay Evil for Evil
24. S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N
25. Hey, Jonah (Tune: Jesus Loves Me)
26. If You Believe in Me
27. For Me, for Me
28. What Can I Do for You
29. Away on a Hillside (Tune: Away in a Manger)
30. Thank You, Dear God
31. Mile After Mile
32. Grumblers
33. Christian Cowboy
34. A Soldier in the Army
35. Saved Ev'ry Day of the Week
36. Sunday-Go-to-Meeting Christian
37. I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy
38. My Sins Are Gone
39. Why Worry When You Can Pray
40. I'm in the Lord's Army
41. Clap Your Hands
42. Why Do I Care if the Sun Doesn't Shine

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