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Songtime Vol 5 on CD

51 selected from Growing Songs for Children and CEF's songbooks No. 1 & 2

1. Four-Letter Words
2. Because He Set Me Free
3. Let the Lord Have His Way
4. Wonderful Counselor
5. Take Me
6. It Is Good
7. My Song of Praise
8. I Praise Him
9. Thou Art a Wonderful God
10. Hear No Evil
11. There Is Victory for Me
12. Did You Ever Talk to God?
13. The Wonderful Word of God
14. The Bible Tells Me So
15. Jesus Is Caring for You
16. God's Power
17. The Lord Is My Shepherd
18. Stop, Go, Watch
19. I've Got a Wonderful Savior
20. Let's Talk About Jesus
21. Good News
22. In My Own Neighborhood
23. G-O-S-P-E-L Means Good News
24. The Lord Is Good
25. From Pennsylvania to California
26. Lord, Send Me
27. Here Am I, Send Me
28. Countdown
29. In the Twinkling of an Eye
30. God's Forever Family
31. No Mountain High Enough
32. I Believe
33. My God, the Only God
34. I've Got Joy
35. Say Yes to God
36. Work on Your Attitudes
37. Have Patience
38. Little by Little
39. Obedience
40. Yes, I Can
41. Made in the Image of God
42. Three Questions
43. It's a Big, Big World
44. Be a Missionary
45. Don't Stop Praying
46. The Lord Hears Me
47. Our Land of Liberty
48. I'm Thankful
49. He's Coming Again
50. If You Tell Two People
51. What About My Neighbor

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