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Songtime Vol 9- Audio Download

This is a downloadable product. Enjoy these newer songs of praise from Sing-a-Song-Along and Praise Him, Kids

1. This Is My Father's World 2. God Knows Everything 3. What a Mighty God (medley) 4. My God Is Everywhere 5. The Crayon Song 6. I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me 7. I'm So Glad that Jesus Lives 8. He's Alive 9. Like a Melody 10. Everybody Sing Praise (medley) 11. I Love to P-R-A-I-S-E My Lord 12. Happy Am I 13. Happy Because 14. Every Day in Every Way 15. Do You Mean It When You say, "I Love You." 16. I've Been Working for My Savior 17. Give Me Oil in My Lamp 18. He'll Be Coming in Clouds of Glory 19. Everything 20. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 21. Making Melody in My Heart 22. If You Want to Be Wise 23. Ask, Seek, Knock 24. Oh, What Should We Think About? 25. Written on My Heart 26. Open Up and Help Someone Else 27. Lock on Your Lips 28. Nothing but the Truth 29. Christian Armor 30. Sunday School Medley 31. In Him We Live 32. He That Is in Us 33. God Is Great 34. Sing Praises (medley) 35. Call on the Name 36. Let My Life Be the Praise (medley) 37. I Will Bless the Lord (medley) 38. Glorify Thy Name

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