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Abounding in Hope

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This Bible Study from Not Consumed Ministries is designed for families! It works best if each person in the family has their own book. It comes in 5 age groups: Pre-K (2-4), Primary (5-7), Junior (8-12), Youth (13+), and Parent.

Abounding in Hope: A Bible Study on How to Resist Hopelessness and Despair

Is your child struggling with hopelessness or depression? Then you probably know that the answer isn't just to "cheer up" and paste a smile on. Your child or teen needs to take their feelings to the Bible and see what God has to say about them.

Abounding in Hope is a study that doesn't hide the ugly truth of despair. It attacks it with the truth of God's Word, emphasizing that there is hope found in Jesus, and through Him, we can overcome despair. Our Bible study on hope:

  • Points kids and teens to scripture so they know what to do with the feelings they're experiencing
  • Teaches kids and teens to counsel their emotions with truth
  • Helps parents teach about hope from a biblical perspective

This study isn't meant to replace professional help your child may need in dealing with depression. Instead, its intention is to show how to submit our emotions and feelings to God's truth!


(This description was taken from Not Consumed Ministries' website. This product was not created or produced by Keys for Kids Ministries.)

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Abounding in Hope