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Volume 1

1. The B-I-B-L-E
2. For God So Loved the World
3. I Am the Door
4. Behold. . .I Stand at the Door
5. One Door and Only One
6. I Am the Resurrection
7. I Am the Way
8. For There Is One God
9. Ye Must Be Born Again
10. Do You Know You've Been Born Again
11. Verily, Verily
12. Neither Is There Salvation in Any Other
13. Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet
14. The Assurance March
15. I Will Call Upon the Lord
16. I'm on the Rock
17. I Will Sing of the Mercies
18. Books of the Old Testament
19. How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea
20. He Owns the Cattle
21. Now Are We the Sons of God
22. His Banner Over Me Is Love
23. Come, Bless the Lord
24. Books of the New Testament
25. Love the Lord Your God
26. Be Still and Know
27. My Sheep Hear My Voice
28. The Lord's My Shepherd
29. Thou Art Worthy
30. Worthy Is the Lamb
31. Therefore, the Redeemed
32. Teach Me, Lord, to Wait
33. Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace
34. The Twelve Disciples
35. I Am Crucified with Christ
36. Children, Obey Your Parents
37. This Little Light of Mine
38. The Lord Is in His Holy Temple
39. The Fruit of the Spirit
40. The Trees of the Field
41. Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart
42. I Can Do All Things
43. If We Confess Our Sin
44. Trust in the Lord
45. Casting Ev'ry Care on Him
46. Fishers of Men
47. This Is the Day
48. Rejoice in the Lord Always

Volume 2

1. Boys and Girls for Jesus
2. Jesus Loves Even Me
3. Jewels
4. Oh, How I Love Jesus
5. Do You Wonder Why I Love Him
6. I’ll be a Sunbeam
7. Jesus Bids Us Shine
8. The Birds Upon the Treetops
9. The Gospel Train
10. Do Lord
11. Trust in the Lord
12. Jesus is Coming
13. Give Me Oil in My Lamp
14. I Just Keep Trusting My Lord
15. Amen, Brother, Amen
16. Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
17. The Windows of Heaven
18. Laborers Together with God
19. He’s Able
20. I’ll Do it All for Jesus
21. I Love Him Better Ev’ry Day
22. Like a Melody
23. I Am Determined
24. Jesus, the Wonderful Friend
25. Which Way Are You Traveling
26. Along the Road
27. Whosoever Will
28. Brighten Up Your Pathway
29. Let’s Talk About Jesus
30. It’s All Different Now
31. Oh, Say but I’m Glad
32. There’s Only One Way
33. Jesus Loves Me
34. Happy All the Time
35. All Through the Week
36. It’s a New Heart You Need
37. I’m Not Growing Old
38. If I Were Only Bigger
39. Isn’t He Wonderful

Volume 3

1. I Sing a New Song
2. Greater Is He That Is in Me
3. The Walking Song
4. Isn't the Love of Jesus Wonderful
5. He Is the Way
6. Ev'rybody Ought to Know
7. Jesus. . .Will Love Me Forever
8. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord
9. Stop and Go
10. He's Able
11. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
12. Each Step of the Way
13. Hallelujah! What a Savior
14. God's Choir
15. Show. . .Love and Kindness
16. Get That Frown Off Your Face
17. God Loves You
18. I've Been Redeemed
19. I'm a Millionaire
20. I've Got a One-way Ticket
21. I'm Going to Heaven Some Day
22. Heaven Bound
23. A Song for Kids
24. Highway of Love
25. Sweeter Gets the Journey
26. He Is Life Unto This Soul of Mine
27. Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You
28. The Family of God
29. That's the Way to Find Happiness
30. Heaven Came Down
31. Mansion Over the Hilltop
32. Onward Christian Soldiers
33. The Lord Is Watching Over You
34. Happiness Is the Lord

 Volume 4

1. I'm Happy Today
2. Thank You for Your Joy in Me
3. You Can't Get Blessed When Grumbling 
4. I Love the Bible (Tune: Jesus Loves Me) 
5. Jesus Gives Us Peace 
6. Love Is a Flag Flown High 
7. Christ Paid the Debt 
8. Nothing to Pay 
9. I Found It 
10. Don't Be a Quitter (Tune: Showers of Blessing) 
11. Jesus Loves Senior Citizens (Tune: Jesus Loves Me) 
12. Only by the Way You Live 
13. You Belong to God 
14. Jesus Is Worthy of Praise 
15. Jesus, I Love You 
16. I Have These Hands/Tongue 
17. O-B-E-Y 
18. I'll Be Obedient 
19. Just Try Praising (Tune: Jesus Loves Me) 
20. Lesson in Mud 
21. Hallelujah Anyhow 
22. Victory in My Heart 
23. I Won't Repay Evil for Evil 
24. S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N 
25. Hey, Jonah (Tune: Jesus Loves Me) 
26. If You Believe in Me 
27. For Me, for Me 
28. What Can I Do for You 
29. Away on a Hillside (Tune: Away in a Manger) 
30. Thank You, Dear God 
31. Mile After Mile 
32. Grumblers 
33. Christian Cowboy 
34. A Soldier in the Army 
35. Saved Ev'ry Day of the Week 
36. Sunday-Go-to-Meeting Christian 
37. I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy 
38. My Sins Are Gone 
39. Why Worry When You Can Pray 
40. I'm in the Lord's Army 
41. Clap Your Hands 
42. Why Do I Care if the Sun Doesn't Shine

Volume 5

1. Four-Letter Words
2. Because He Set Me Free
3. Let the Lord Have His Way
4. Wonderful Counselor
5. Take Me
6. It Is Good
7. My Song of Praise
8. I Praise Him
9. Thou Art a Wonderful God
10. Hear No Evil
11. There Is Victory for Me
12. Did You Ever Talk to God?
13. The Wonderful Word of God
14. The Bible Tells Me So
15. Jesus Is Caring for You
16. God's Power
17. The Lord Is My Shepherd
18. Stop, Go, Watch
19. I've Got a Wonderful Savior
20. Let's Talk About Jesus
21. Good News
22. In My Own Neighborhood
23. G-O-S-P-E-L Means Good News
24. The Lord Is Good
25. From Pennsylvania to California
26. Lord, Send Me
27. Here Am I, Send Me
28. Countdown
29. In the Twinkling of an Eye
30. God's Forever Family
31. No Mountain High Enough
32. I Believe
33. My God, the Only God
34. I've Got Joy
35. Say Yes to God
36. Work on Your Attitudes
37. Have Patience
38. Little by Little
39. Obedience
40. Yes, I Can
41. Made in the Image of God
42. Three Questions
43. It's a Big, Big World
44. Be a Missionary
45. Don't Stop Praying
46. The Lord Hears Me
47. Our Land of Liberty
48. I'm Thankful
49. He's Coming Again
50. If You Tell Two People
51. What About My Neighbor

Volume 6

1. I'm Acquainted with the Author
2. Only a Boy Named David
3. Noah Found Grace
4. Gideon Had the Lord
5. Jonah and the Whale
6. Keep Walking with the Lord
7. The Wise Man and Foolish Man
8. Hornets
9. Something More than Gold
10. In the Same Wonderful Way
11. Bible Chorus Medley
12. I Believe What the Bible Says
13. The Battle Belongs to God
14. Daniel Prayed/A Man of Prayer
15. The Fourth Man
16. I See Jesus
17. Jesus Gave Her Water
18. Then Jesus Came
19. Ten Thousand Angels
20. I Thank the Lord I Am Saved
21. Do You Know
22. Plenty of Room in the Family
23. You're Something Special
24. Just a Closer Walk
25. He Gave Me a Song
26. John 14:1-6
27. In My Father's House
28. I'll Fly Away
29. I Want to See My Savior
30. Sing Praise to Him (medley)
31. Lord, Keep Your Hand on Me
32. The Only Way to Heaven
33. Old Rugged Cross (medley)
34. I Could Never Outlove the Lord
35. Old Country Church
36. Psalm 23
37. Sweet Bye and Bye
38. I'm Free
39. I Am a Promise

Volume 7

1. Good Old Gospel Singing
2. I Will Sing of My Redeemer
3. Onward, Christian Soldiers
4. The Fire Song 5. Joshua Fit D'Battle
6. The Lily of the Valley
7. The Circuit Ridin' Preacher
8. Cross Medley
9. A Shelter in the Time of Storm
10. Jesus Loves Even Me
11. Count Your Blessings (trumpet)
12. Jubilee
13. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
14. We're Marching to Zion
15. Saved by Grace (medley)
16. Just as I Am (medley)
17. A New Name in Glory
18. I'm Not Afraid of the Dark
19. To God Be the Glory
20. Standing on the Promises (trumpet)
21. Go On By
22. Jesus Loves the Little Children
23. Open Up Your Heart
24. When the Roll is Called Up Yonder
25. Battle Hymn of the Republic
26. He Keeps Me Singing
27. No, Not One
28. It Is No Secret
29. There is Power In the Blood
30. Blessed Assurance (trumpet)
31. This Old House

Volume 8

1. If You Love Jesus
2. J-E-S-U-S Means Love to Me
3. Jesus Gave
4. What Has Jesus Done for You?
5. My Love for Jesus
6. When I Think of Jesus
7. Jesus Loves Us All
8. If You Believe in Jesus
9. Who? Jesus!
10. Marching
11. I Love Jesus
12. Stop! Look! Listen!
13. Round and Around
14. Sunday Morning
15. One & Two & Three
16. ABC Song (also backwards)
17. I Laugh Because I'm Happy
18. The Little Lost Sheep
19. God Loves Kids
20. P-A-R-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-E
21. Love, Love, Love
22. The Carpenter Shop
23. The Name Song
24. Here's the Way We Pray
25. I Can Use My Hands for Jesus
26. Thank You, God
27. I Wonder How It Felt
28. Stop and Go
29. Dare to Be a Daniel
30. When I Am Afraid
31. Cheer Up Saints/ Why Worry?
32. My God Is So Big
33. Ev'rybody Ought to Go to Sunday School
34. Clean It Up
35. We Were Made to Love the Lord
36. When Mr. Satan Knocks
37. Mr. Wiggleworm

Volume  9

1. This Is My Father's World
2. God Knows Everything
3. What a Mighty God (medley)
4. My God Is Everywhere
5. The Crayon Song
6. I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me
7. I'm So Glad that Jesus Lives
8. He's Alive
9. Like a Melody
10. Everybody Sing Praise (medley)
11. I Love to P-R-A-I-S-E My Lord
12. Happy Am I
13. Happy Because
14. Every Day in Every Way
15. Do You Mean It When You say, "I Love You."
16. I've Been Working for My Savior
17. Give Me Oil in My Lamp
18. He'll Be Coming in Clouds of Glory
19. Everything
20. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
21. Making Melody in My Heart
22. If You Want to Be Wise
23. Ask, Seek, Knock
24. Oh, What Should We Think About?
25. Written on My Heart
26. Open Up and Help Someone Else
27. Lock on Your Lips
28. Nothing but the Truth
29. Christian Armor
30. Sunday School Medley
31. In Him We Live
32. He That Is in Us
33. God Is Great
34. Sing Praises (medley)
35. Call on the Name
36. Let My Life Be the Praise (medley)
37. I Will Bless the Lord (medley)
38. Glorify Thy Name

Volume 10

1. Put Jesus in Your Everyday Life
2. Let Life Live
3. God Rules
4. Love Makes a Friend a Friend Like You
5. Trust in Him
6. Be Bold, Be Strong
7. Higher Ground
8. He's Got Everything Under Control
9. King of the Jungle
10. Basic Four
11. God Is in Control
12. God Is Number One
13. River of Life
14. Jesus Is Still the Answer
15. Touch Through Me
16. Crucified with Christ
17. God Will Make a Way
18. Celebrate Jesus
19. Just Believe It
20. Change My Heart
21. Candle in the Darkness
22. We Want to See Jesus Lifted High
23. On Christ the Solid Rock
24. There Is None Like You
25. Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
26. The Mountain of the Lord
27. Love God
28. Shine Your Light
29. Circle of Friends
30. Sometimes by Step

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