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Storyteller (Device Only)

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Solar-Powered MP3 Player with Bible and Keys for Kids

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The new Keys for Kids Storyteller is a solar-powered MP3 device and stuffed animal device holder that provides hours and hours of listening. The units have a dramatized audio Bible on them and at least 300 Keys for Kids devotional stories in audio.*  With the Storyteller devices, you’re getting so much more:
A compact, dedicated safe device (2.4 oz.—smaller than an iPhone) that can’t access the internet

Solar-powered charger
Complete audio Bible
Nearly 30 hours of Keys for Kids devotional stories that reinforce the Scripture being listened to
Satisfaction that your purchase will be reinvested into reaching more kids through Keys for Kids Ministries’ multipronged outreach
The Storyteller can also be purchased with the Creature Feature options.

* Units in the following languages have the entire Bible: English (English Standard Dramatized Version), Spanish (RV 1995), Arabic and Greek. Albanian and Macedonian have the New Testament.

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Storyteller (Device Only)